About Us

At Tech Interface E-Learning Inc, we draw on a pool of skills and talents from e-learning design and development, technical writing, content creation, and graphic design, as well as audio and video production to create cost-effective online training that meets the requirements of both our clients and their end-users.   Cumulatively, we offer decades of experience with industry, government, engineering, military and educational institutes, allowing us to easily work with you to translate your subject matter into engaging and meaningful online training.

Tech Interface E-Learning Inc. offers a unique combination of educational and technical expertise from which we can advise clients on the full range of issues that underpin successful e-learning.

We can help you to:

  • Plan your e-learning strategy. The best e-learning strategy for your organization very much depends on your corporate culture, your people, workflows and performance objectives. We will work with your business team to ensure you achieve the optimal solution to meet your unique requirements – adequately scoped, realistically costed and developed in comprehensive consultation with all stakeholders.
  • Choose the most suitable e-learning tools, activities and assessments. Experienced e-learning practitioners, we can match your training needs with the most effective e-learning tools and applications.
  • Select a delivery platform. The best method of delivery really depends on your organization and its training needs; do you need SCORM-compliant coursing on a Learning Management System? Net-based performance-support learning? Mobile learning? Blended Learning? Let talk. We can pinpoint the best solutions to fit your requirements.
  • Develop the best content for your training goals. In consultation with your SMEs we can create the custom content required for your organization’s training needs, quickly and cost effectively.
  • Establish Online-learning skills within your team. We can work with your training team or subject matter experts to give them the basic skills and processes they needs to transform in-house materials into online training for your organization.