Coaching and Training Are Evolving – Are You?

Uncap Your Income PotentialBetween the vectors of a tightened economy, the deep integration of the internet in our working lives, and the global communication that brings, coaching has changed.  There are so many tools to facilitate communication and marketing in your coaching business that save you time and money. But are you reaching the clients you could be reaching and making the money you could be making?

What about ongoing passive income?  Straight one-one-one coaching has an income cap. There are only so many hours in your week and therefore only so many clients you can help.  You’re swapping your hours for dollars. With no passive income streams, if you don’t work, you don’t earn.

The solution? Take all the expertise your clients so willingly pay for online – sell to a wider audience than you can reach in your own city or state. 

Easier said than done?  So you need to hire someone to build an e-commerce website, SEO it to the max, create the all the content – all the video, audio, graphic and text-based material coaching clients would want to access?  Or do it all yourself – assuming you possess all those tech skills – which few of us do.

The good news: there are some awesome, easy-to-use tech and tools out there which allow even the novice internet user to create their own online coaching or training business where they can sell their expertise to hundreds, even thousands of people around the world and generate income, even while they sleep.

The less-good news: how many hours, weeks, months might you spend researching all that is available and how do you know which tech and tools are right for you?

Back to the good news: we’ve done the research, tested the platforms, the tech and the tools and, based on our need to use the software and hardware to build training content, we can tell you the best, easy-to-use tools and technology out there that are right for your business and clients and how to use them.

We’re happy to share! We have ongoing workshops to help professionals like you quickly identify the best tools to take their practice online, explore how to use them and get you started creating your own online coaching or training business. Reach more clients and make more money. It might not be your main mantra but it’s something to consider.

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