End-to-End E-Learning Development

Turnkey Training ProductionThis form of online training development takes the project right from the needs assessment stage through establishing learning objectives, curriculum, the instructional design, the technical development of graphics, animations, audio, video, interactions and assessment tools, all the way to the final production and implementation of the online training required.  Stakeholders are involved in establishing the project goals and outcome expectations, SMEs are involved as an information resource and authority and both SMEs and stakeholders must participate in the review and validation of the course material produced, the bulk of the effort is done by e-learning specialists.

End-to-End e-learning development is a great solution when:

  • Curriculum has not been established
  • Course material does not exist
  • Content exists only in SME’s head and has yet to be structured as a course
  • SMEs or training staff have no time or in-house skill to create training required

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