Working with Instructional Designers

Your Subject Matter Experts – the Engines of Your Organization 

Every company should recognize that one of their most valuable assets is their human capital; the knowledge and expertise embodied in their employees. They power the smooth operation of your company. Take one away and it’s like a car running on 3 cylinders – it will still go but you lose efficiency, the ride is pretty shaky and it’s detrimental to the overall operation.  Instructional designers

SMEs Are Not Training Designers Instructional Designers

Just because someone can perform a given task expertly does not mean they know how to create a course to transfer that knowledge to those who need it (and we’ve all had that teacher in college). Setting your SMEs the task of creating training is quite often setting them up for frustration, needlessly wasted weeks of their valuable time, and all for an end result that is of minimal benefit.  

Minimize Time, Maximize Knowledge Transfer

Minimize the drain on your SMEs and maximize the contribution of their knowledge in your organization’s training through collaboration with training design specialists, otherwise known as instructional designers.  The video below shows you the ‘why’ and ‘how’  of working with an instructional design specialist, freeing up your subject matter experts to do the job you hired them for, and getting the best training for the people who need it.

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