Rapid E-Learning Development

rapid e-learning

      Create training at the speed of change

In today’s business world where the only constant is change, rapid e-learning development can help you deliver training at “the speed of change”.  It is an approach which employs rapid authoring tools and streamlined design and development processes to produce and deliver quality e-learning courses in days or weeks rather than months or years.

Rapid e-learning is a great solution when:

  • Material is urgent– learners need the information NOW
  • Information changes often –  the content is evolving, time-sensitive or needs frequent updates
  • Instruction is informational – the material is introductory or the level of learning required is at the lower end of the learning hierarchy
  • Content is existing and usable – most or all of the material currently exists in some form – slides, documents, graphics, videos, or tables.   Content development takes a lot of time; if adequate, appropriate and developed content is not available, rapid e-learning development is not your solution.

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