Training Development Hours

How long will it take to build that E-learning?  For a first-time client looking at investing in online learning for their training purposes, cost and time involved is always amongst the top questions – and rightly so!  However, to arrive at fairly accurate estimate of the time required to create a given piece of E-learning a lot of other questions need answering.  For those not ready at this point to wade deep into that kind of analysis, we can use some industry reports from the last 10 years to get a ballpark idea of what’s involved.


What should be kept in mind when comparing the time and cost of instructor-led training (ILT) to that of online learning is that only about 15% of the overall cost of instructor-led training is in the training development.  85% of the total cost of ILT is in the delivery of that training: the cost of instructor time, travel, accommodation, facilities rental, etc. – and that does not cover the cost of lost work time for all those learners who attended that training.  Online learning has been shown to take many more hours of development time but once it is completed and uploaded to the platform chosen for delivery, cost is virtually nothing for those learners to take the training as many times as they need to whenever they require it.


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