Accessible Tech and Tools for Taking Your Coaching Business Online

Uncap Your Income Potential“Stop trading your time for money” – There are so many people out there looking for just the coaching experience you have to offer. To really take your practice to today’s audience and broaden your scope from one-on-one to serving hundreds of clients, you need to take it online and monetize it. Unfortunately, not everyone has the experience or skills in those areas.

This BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) workshop offers hands-on tips, techniques and experience to get you up to started with the media and tools at your disposal to reach a wider audience and expand your income streams. Topics covered include:

Process and media that’s right for you and your clients
Specialized coaching/training platforms to interact with a wider audience
Free tools and how to use them
Creating and incorporating video
Recording live audio
Editing and incorporating audio
Podcasting for sales and marketing

As two additional bonuses, the workshop facilitators lead a group focus on launching YOUR coaching business online and the media and tools that are best suited to your particular coaching style, content and clients AND add you to an online forum where you and other participants can continue as a mutually-supporting community of peers as you transition to the world of online coaching.

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